Chaos And Comfort In Andrés Lozano's Studio Workspace!


The Madrid-born, London-based artist talks collaborations, Photoshop shortcuts and exotic fizzy drinks.

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Interview by Hugo Ross

Illustration by Andrés Lozano

Nov 25, 2018

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VM: Hi Andrés, thanks for agreeing to talk to us about your creative process. Let’s start at the beginning; where did you study?

AL: I studied a BA in Graphic Design in UCM in Madrid and a MA on illustration at Camberwell School of Art in London.

What are your favourite tools for producing non-digital work?

Anything inky really, I really like to use architecture rapidograph pens, the feel of the metal on the paper and the ink flow is really nice, but I tend to get bored with any given tool so I like to switch things around and use different media.

Can you teach us any quick tips for the digital programs you use?

I like a Photoshop shortcut more than anything but to pick one, to separate the black and the white from a scanned drawing, once you've adjusted the levels, If you go to channels and cmd click on the RGB channel all the white in the image is selected, just make sure in layers the scan layer is unblocked and press delete. You end up just with the line/ink wash/pencil drawing and the nice thing is that you keep all the grey tones as well.

What are your favourite ways to collaborate?

I love collaboration but at the same time I can be quite impatient and impulsive so I'd say either with someone that has the same approach to creativity as me (I love working with my friend Yime) or in a big group, I'm part of Guts Collective and it's great doing collaborative type projects like murals and installations with them.

I love collaboration but at the same time I can be quite imapatient and impulsive...
— Andrés Lozarno

How do you seek inspiration and how do you document it?

Keeping yourself engaged and interested in art, literature, music... I find the save tool on Instagram and the Keep app really useful

What is over the horizon? What’s your next project?

I've been painting and drawing a lot lately and I'm thinking about maybe putting together a show earlier next year If I find a good place to do it.

How long do you work? Can you talk us through your working day?

It really depends on how much workload I have but I tend to wake up between 8.30 and 9.30 and cycle to the studio around 10/11, I see what I have on my weekly calendar for the day and get to work, I have lunch with my studio mate Mike Parkin, I normally bring my own lunch but quite often we walk to a really nice Turkish shop round the corner and get a snack or an exotic fizzy drink. After lunch I work until 6 or 7 and cycle back home, cook dinner and watch something with my girlfriend and go to bed around 12/1.

What do you do to remedy writers/designers block?

I like playing bad guitar, making really bad tunes on Garageband, reading and watching movies but to remedy an artistic block I think the best is just keep working, it's not all going to be amazing and inspired but you end up figuring things out.

Cheers Andrés!



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