Dean Edmonds' Mezzadro Stool


The Hackney-based furniture designer/maker shows us the Mezzandro Stool (AKA Tractor Stool) that he picked up on eBay.



Interview by Chris Land

Photo by Dean Edmonds

Nov 22, 2018

VM: Thanks for letting us poke around your house, Dean. What are we looking at here?

DE: A Mezzadro Stool, designed by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni in 1957.

Describe it; ‘objectify’ it and describe it in concrete terms.

A tractor seat perched upon a leaf spring with a wooden stabilising foot.

Where did you get it? Or from whom? 

I had been loosely looking out for one for a while and came across this on ebay with very little info,not a great photo and at a very reasonable price. I was pretty sure it was an older edition so made an offer. Upon collection I discovered the seller was selling it for his Dad who was a retired architect, he confirm the stool had been bought during the 70’s from a design store in Rome.

What’s your relationship with it?

The brothers Castiglioni have been an influence since I first began to study industrial design. The Mezzadro Stool was one of the first pieces I saw of theirs and has stuck with me throughout.

Where does it live in your house?

It sits as photographed next to my desk in our living room.

What is it you like best about the object? 

It is a design that hit me right away and I have continued to admire. For me it really embodies what is so great about the Castiglioni brothers and how they approached design; and also how I would like to think I too attempt to look at and approach objects.

Thanks Dean!


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