Noah Storm System Trench


Words by James Roberts

Dec 7, 2018

USA Stamp.png

There’s no getting over how good this trench is. It’s so deliciously … green. Let’s go through what makes it great. 

1. Waterproof AND windproof Loro Piana Storm System Wool. For those who don’t know, the Italian based Loro Piana make the world’s finest cashmere fabrics. Their Storm System technology is clever, forming an invisible forcefield around each fibre to fend off evil water droplets. And hydrophilic membranes to wick away the winds to keep you toasty. 

2. Green. What a green!

3. Tartan! Weaved in Lochcarron of Scotland, this stuff is the king of the Scottish fabric. 

4. The cut is good, sitting perfectly just below the knee. 

All in all, this seems like the perfect winter coat. And one that would stay in your wardrobe for decades to come. 

I’d say go and grab one. But they’ve already sold out. Sorry about that.


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