Agua De Madre


Words by Hugo Ross

Feb 10, 2019

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Back of the line kombucha. Agua De Madre is a healthier and tastier replacement.

For those of you who don’t know, Agua De Madre is a naturally fizzy low alcohol probiotic fermented water kefir.

For the layman, and for my money, it is the best ‘nu’ ginger ale in the world. At 1.2% AVB this kefir water is suitable to drink out on the town or whilst doing the dishes.

It’s made in London by a brilliant and young entrepreneurial team, spearheaded by Nicola Hart. The brand is readying to grow into a new manufacturing premises in East London, hopefully this will make it easier to procure some of this tasty elixir; currently only available in the city's best restaurants, including: St Leonards, Moro and Granger and Co….and a few shops too, including: Bottle Apostle and E5 Bakehouse.


Imagery Courtesy of Agua de Madre



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