Talking with Scottish legend Kenneth Mackenzie, founder and designer of 6876.


Kenneth’s talks about his collaboration product the ‘Sam Browne’ belt; supporting his waist line for many a year.



Interview by Hugo Ross

Photo by Kenneth Mackenzie

Mar 12, 2018

VM: Please choose an object(s) you most identify with, or would like to talk about.

KM: This belt is a version of the classic military (and also Police) item the “Sam Browne” belt.

VM: Where did you get it? Or from whom?

KM: The belt is a product of a short lived but very fruitful collaboration between 6876 & The Regent belt company (In Northampton) called R6. 6876 had previously produced accessories & bags in the early 2000’s but this was a chance to produce to the highest quality and have a real inside track within the factory as I was consulting on the re-brand for Regent Belt Company.

VM: Where does it sit in you house/life?

KM: I wear this belt most days of the week so its a constant in my life,I have a rule I must wear at least one item of 6876 everyday and this belt is an extra.

VM: What is it you like best about the object?

KM: I really like that its a quality item and ages well with time due to the materials and craftsmanship plus it reminds me of the great learning process and lovely products we made at that time.

VM: Have they been a constant source of inspiration to you?

KM: This belt keeps nagging away at me as a reminder that I need to get inspired to make accessories again which I plan to do this year.

VM: What other items of clothing have you collected over your career? Do you use these pieces as reference - and which hold sentimental value?

KM: I have a collection of military and workwear items some of which I used as the starting point for the brand, these I have picked up over the years. Also I have a collection of vintage sportswear mostly Patagonia which is probably still my favourite brand.


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