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Interview by Hugo Ross

Illustration by Mark Wang

Jul 17, 2019


VM: What is new?

MW: Nothing much. What’s new with you? But for real I just bought a hand vacuum and I’m excited by prospect of not having to sweeping. I got options now! Very convent. Very cheap. 

I’m also just finishing up a handful of larger projects, so I’ll have time to get back to my personal projects.

VM: Home accessories are the best. Been looking into a hand steamer for a while now!

How do you seek inspiration and how do you document it?

MW: I try not to seek inspiration too much, but when something looks cool I’ll definitely take a picture or make some sort of note of it somewhere. If it sticks it sticks, and don’t fret the small stuff….I buy books that I like and I read them.

VM: What daily struggles do you have to overcome, working Freelance or on your own?

MW: Planning. I’m still hit all my immediate deadlines. I just don’t have any long terms plans. What do you see yourself doing in 5 years? In 10 years? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ My career as a freelancer is still relatively early, and I honestly have a hard time telling what shape my career will take. Impulse and honesty have driven a lot of my life’s decisions for better and worse. I just want to draw and have fun doing so. I will address all problems hampering this desire when and if they come up. 

VM: It’s nice to hear someone be so honest and stoic; take each day as it comes! Are you particularly interested in any sub-cultures or genres and if so how do these play into your working practise.

MW: I’ve been in a teenage daze since ’05 and I still think ska is cool. At times I can be a somber and sedate dude, so it’s nice to pretend I’m still angry at things. Some people say you can’t sustain a life on break up songs and rom-coms, but I like to prove them wrong. 

VM: How do you overcome remedy writers/designers block - (hobbies, sports or activities?)

MW: I don’t really have any specific activities, as long as I’m creating distance. Art-wise I trust my intuition and my training to get at least 75% of the way there in terms of creating a functioning illustration. I can draw, it’s just sometimes it takes a little while to see what I’m drawing. Successful concepts tend to linger, and a striking composition looks good no matter how long it’s been.

....My career as a freelancer is still relatively early, and I honestly have a hard time telling what shape my career will take.........
— Mark Wang

VM: Talk us through your perfect working day.

Here is a general break down of an average day.

11am-1pm Check emails, social media, and other updates.

2pm-4pm If there is anything that needs to be written or if I need to produce sketches it is usually done then. Otherwise I’m just drawing. 

5pm-6pm Break time

8pm-3am is when the bulk of my work gets done.  

If I can I would love to be able to work on whatever whenever. I have been resisting a strict schedule for most of my career. As long as I’m able to hit my deadlines. I love the ability to insert a 3 hour long walk in the middle of the day for no reason. No kings...no rules...everything is just right.

VM: Who is your dream client and why?

Well paying ones. I’m interested as long as I get to draw and the money is good. I want that James Jean x Parada money that let him “quit” illustration and gave him the opportunity to just paint for a few years. I mean the real answer is that I want to do work for me. I want to find time to dive deeper into personal work. Work with some real growth and joy. I’ve been slowly planning out a comic over the past year, and assembling a children’s book pitch.
That being said if there are any bands that need some cover art or any music festivals that wants to buy my drawing; I am so down.

VM: Thanks for taking the time Mark - keep on keeping on :-)




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