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Making magic illustrations and trap music.



Interview by Hugo Ross

Illustration by Yime

Aug 26, 2019


VM: Where did you study?

YS: I graduated in Fine Arts in Madrid and then moved to Valencia to study a Masters in Illustration.

VM: What are your favourite tools for producing non-digital work?

YS: Pencil and pen. I used to paint a lot early on, but now, due to client work, I usually apply color digitally.

VM: What are your favourite ways to collaborate?

YS: Painting murals and doing songs with my mates who don't "art".

....I have tons of ideas that I never got to use just because I don’t have time to create all that stuff.......
— Yime

VM: How do you seek inspiration and how do you document it?

YS: Internet and real life situations. I am mostly focused on the absurd in the daily routine. I document it by saving the images that catch my attention in my "memes" folder or by sketching it down in my notebook. I have tons of ideas that I never got to use just because I don't have time to create all that stuff.

VM: What is over the horizon / What is your next project?

YS: Currently I am working on a Festival branding, as in the illustrated poster and website. I have some other projects going on, but this would be the biggest at the moment.

VM: How long do you work / talk us through your working day!

YS: It depends on how much I have to do. If there is a lot of work, I will start at 9 and finish at 8/9. If the time is not that busy, 6 hours would do it. My working day is: I wake up, have a couple of coffees and doodle some random ideas and write down everything I wanna get done that day. After an hour or so, I get locked in the studio and work work work until lunch. Then have lunch, chill for like 30 minutes and get back to the studio. Afternoon and evening normally go by pretty quickly so I tend to leave the tedious parts of work for this time.

VM: What do you do to remedy writers/designers block - (hobbies, sports or activities?)

I don't have that hahahaha (joking). Yeah, I just go out for a walk, have a couple beers with some friends or write a trap song. Those are my go-to places when I burn out, have an existential crisis or just don't wanna feel like I am wasting my youth in front of a desk.

VM: Thanks Yime :-)



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