Aero Leather College Jacket


Words by Hugo Ross

May 19, 2019

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There is no production line at Aero Leather, each jacket is made from start to finish by a single machinist. The methods, materials and even the company name are faithful reproductions of how it was done when at its best. ‘Nothing should leave that could not have been made before 1959’, each piece, only complete after passing a 28 point quality inspection.

This College Jacket, a variation of the Varsity or Letterman Jacket originating from Harvard’s hallowed grounds in the 1860’s is fit for multi purpose not just an Ivy Leaguer. Incredibly easy to wear, equipped with two pockets, knitted wool cuffs, waistband and genuine 1950s deadstock Talon zipper. Linings are customisable a standard service at Aero; accessorising with any number of traditional Scottish tartans.


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