Danner Trail 2650


Words by James Roberts

June 18, 2019


A trail hiking shoe. Why not?!

This one just popped up on my feed. First, some history. 

Danner started in 1932 with the sole goal of making work boots. Then, in the 1960s, the US went nuts for the outdoors and started hiking, climbing and all sorts of superb fresh air activities. Danner said “brilliant” and started manufacturing hiking boots. Since then, they’ve been developing their technologies with the use of Gore-Tex and Vibram to become one of the most reliable makers of outdoor foot protection in the world.  

Now, it’s made of all sort of great materials that’ll hold up for years to come. Like its Vibram sole which promises to be extra comfy and extra grippy. 

On top of that, they look great. This dark green and brown colourway would suit much of my wardrobe. Perhaps a pair of jeans rolled up to sit just above the tongue. Or I reckon something loose like blue and white seersucker … whatever, it’s up to you. They’ll be a lovely addition and you’ll be looking after your feet (which is very important). 

So let’s all get a pair and go outside. 

Have a look here


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