Corin Mellor of David Mellor, London UK


Corin Mellor takes us briefly through his new space in Marylebone and his company’s ethos making design objects with the highest quality, built to last.



Interview by Hugo Ross

Illustration by Kathy Allnutt

Nov 25, 2018

VM: Hi Corin, many thank for your time this afternoon. Jumping straight to it...When did your new shop open?

CM: We opened our space in Spring last year, 2017. Over the past 10 years we’ve had our Sloane Square store.

When I decided to finally open a second store Marylebone seemed like the sensible place. Securing its location wasn’t easy, however, as everyone wants to be here, and the space needed to be architecturally special.

VM: Who designed the beautiful space?

The space we are in now, was originally a dairy, dating back to 1904.

We designed and manufactured the entire shop - lets hope its here for a while. There isn’t an equivalent brand in the area, however, there are good parallels in The Conran Shop and Skandium.

VM: What’s New in the store?

CM: We are known for quality cutlery, I have a philosophy that people need to be able to come back, and collect a spoon they lost from a classic set 20 years ago. In that regard we rarely discontinue our product lines. We do, however, now develop products with complimentary manufacturers, like glass blowers, candlestick makers, craft potters and wood workers, our remit has broadened.

VM: Why is physical retail so important to you?

CM: Until you pick up the object you cannot fully appreciate it. Moreover the retail world is like theatre…we are a small family and we keep things small; running the store to a very high standard.

We’ve waited four years for the architecture to be right in our new shop, for the perfect experience, the perfect touch and feel. Our staff are so complementary to the experience, they sell each product with its appropriate story, they are custodians of the brand and are as passionate as me.

VM: Thanks Corin!

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