Eastlogue SS19 Jackets


Words by James Roberts

May 21, 2019

First up, this M43 jacket (more of an overshirt really) in a stunningly deep and rich red. It comes in a versatile boxy fit with some large and useful pockets for all sorts of things — compass in one, map in the other? Contrasting black buttons are a nice touch. 

But you know what’s a nicer touch? Bloody detachable sleeves! It’s conjuring childhood memories of exploring the Lake District with my grandparents. We’d wear trousers from the local outdoor shops that, at the drop of a hat, would turn into shorts. They were zipped (and annoying) but this jacket employs much smarter snap buttons. 

I love it. But I do wonder what you do with the sleeves if you decide to transform in a beer garden? 

Also up is another transforming garment. This reversible jacket. Beige on one side. Tiger came on the other. I’m a big fan of the tiger print. I wear my Sassafras tiger camo pants most weeks as they seem to be an easier camo pattern to fit into your wardrobe than most. 

The beige side is more of a soft cotton affair whilst the other opts for a nylon and perhaps more functional feel. 

I’m a fan of both. And both are a nice opportunity to be a bit bolder with your summer look this year.

Available at Alpha Shadows

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