Keen X Garbstore Uneek O2 Sandals


Words by James Roberts

July 30, 2019

I’ve dilled. And I’ve dallied. But I think I’m ready to write about these little guys now. 

Last week, I was gifted them for my birthday. Overjoyed to seem them in the box, I slipped them on. And my god, they’re comfy. Comfy in a way that my feet have not felt since those first pair of Clarks you get measured for when you’re a kid. 

Over the last 7 days, I’ve tested them with and without socks. For long walks and short strolls. In the heat of Southern France and the rain of England. They have not failed me yet. That adjustable cord means they just get nice and snug with your feet throughout the day.

Take a look. The left and the right are colour opposites of each other, with one lace running around them from toe to heel. And the tongue is an awesome tie-dye effect. The sides are laced but open, allowing a cooling breeze to circulate, whilst also hiding unsightly toes. 

They’re so good, so comfortable, that I think I might just stick to Keen footwear from now on. Trust me on this one. 

Final few available at Outsiders Store:


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