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Classic footwear and collaboration



Interview by Hugo Ross

Photo by Leo Gamboa

Jul 07, 2019

VM: Please choose an object(s) you most identify with.

LG: Reebok Club C Shoe

VM: Describe the shoe, ‘objectify’ it and describe it in concrete terms. 

LG: CLUB C – Court shoe introduced in the mid 80s and is noted as one of the key silhouette’s in Reeboks history.

VM: When/where did your first get the shoe, or from whom did you get it?

LG: First shoe was purchased at VIM. One of my local sneaker shops in Queens, NYC.  

VM: Where does it sit in your house/person?

LG: Usually on the floor by the door. 

VM: Why does this style form the basis of your collaborative projects?

LG: This model transcends into all forms of lifestyles from Skate to Fashion. So it makes it easier for us to connect to other brands from all different styles. 

 VM: In your profession, interacting with design objects on a regular basis, do you feel more in tune with material culture?

LG: In seeing and working on this model on a daily basis it makes it easier for me to understand the product and all the different ways to execute. Simplicity and elevated material executions give this model added allure.

VM: What culture and sub-cultures are most important to you, and which of these do you feel play into your relationship with Reebok?

LG: Me personally I like the idea of confident consumers – Leaders who are confident in their own styles not playing into the trends and market. As well working with more Niche brands to help introduce newness to the market place. 

VM: Thanks for taking the time to talk to us, and for an insight into Reebok and the Club C!

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