Malibu Sandals x Missoni


Words by Hugo Ross

Jul 14, 2019

USA Stamp.png

Flip flops, slides or sandals? That’s a shitty question. Malibu vegan leather and nylon comfy slip-ons is a dreamy answer.

Their mission—to create the most comfortable, stylish and modern sandals on the planet—is realised in their hand woven Latigo style shoe, photographed here in a collaboration with Missoni. 

Stylistically modern, the silhouette and woven upper is inspired by the traditional Mexican huarache; a concept that doesn't require any stitching, but rather intricate hand woven patterns. Contemporary upgrades from mexican antiquity include an ultra-soft footbed, available in a variety of colours...gum sole por favor.

In addition to all this, Malibu have developed a PVC material to mimic leather with a faux suede interior finish, manufacturing products that are vegan friendly - a conscious and thoughtful choice for any brand - this also runs parallel to the growing demand for sustainable fashion.



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