Montbell Pear Skin Cotton T-Shirts


Words by Hugo Ross

June 06, 2019

Japan Stamp.png

A good fitted t-shirt is the backbone of my summer wardrobe. Loose and boxy fits that hold their shape, that is what I look for, these staples often come from Hanes or more recently from Dan Carroll’s store Open As Usual.

Rarely does a graphic t-shirt make the cut the mustard; I prefer basic and tonal colours to wear with brighter trousers and shorts.

However, the beautiful new logo and graphic t-shirt range from Montbell adds zing and zest to the situation, available at Outsiders store in Liverpool and London.

Primarily known for their lightweight, highly functional technical kit for everyday use Montbell produce all of their products according to the Japanese tradition of 'ki nobi' which translates as 'Function is Beauty'.

This range t-shirts, made from their proprietary Pear Skin Cotton® a reassuringly sturdy and dry hand feel, will improve with age, washing out and fading with each ware.  

The print designs are understated and low-key, hitting the current climbing and outdoor zeitgeist. More from Montbell and Outsiders store soon.


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