Nicholas Daley Hand Knitted Jute Bucket Hat


Words by James Roberts

Mar 26, 2019


Nicholas’s clothes tell a story. The story of his heritage; the story of British multiculturalism; stories of music. His latest collection— SLYGO — tells a more personal, family one. “SLYGO” was the alias his father used when he DJd in Scotland in the late 70s and early 80s at a night called Reggae Klub that he ran with Nicholas’s mother. Reggae Klub was a pioneering institution that provided a diverse and accepting venue for minority communities. A place to let loose. 

These stories weave their way into the garments. Graphic tees with “SLYGO”; colour ways that hark back to the late 70s; and this hat. 

Take another look at it. It deserves it. 

This wonderful hand knitted bucket hat. It feels Jamaican. It feels reggae and jazz. It’s sturdy … it’s rocksteady. Look how it forms giant valleys between its panels. The moat that runs around its brim. The contrasting stitching. The bucket hat has achieved new heights (literally). 

And in its materials we find another story. It’s hand knitted from jute, a material with a strong history in Scotland, particular Dundee, which his mother’s family were involved with. In seeming contrast to this, Nicholas has chosen to have the hat made by Christys’ who have been crafting hats in London since 1773. Daley creates another rich tapestry of heritage and culture in a single item of clothing. 

This is a special kind of item. There’s so much going on. So much to talk about. It would make any owner incredibly proud to wear it. Well done, Nicholas.

Available at Goodhood


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