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Words by Hugo Ross

APR 07, 2019

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This six-pocket dungaree, including a kangaroo breast zip pocket, is made by L. C. King, the oldest cut-and-sew factory in the United States still owned by its founding family. The company has been manufacturing in Bristol, Tennessee for over a century.

If you want to know what makes any product that much better, the answer is not a designer or a marketer. It is a manufacturer.

Denim in its many iterations – pants, shorts, jackets, dungarees – has always been a working man’s cloth. From its 19th-century origins until today, denim clothing evokes aspirational and industrious qualities. It reflects the character of the wearer – interested in and capable of hard work.

L. C. King is committed to bringing items like these hand-made, triple stitched overalls to market which last a lifetime. Fortunately, this is a legacy which its fourth-generation owner Jack King has enthusiastically inherited. They recognise the need for quality goods in the face of an overwhelming amount of… if we’re honest… well…

Time to live off the fat of the land.




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