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Time out of fashion, to take time on centre court



Interview by Hugo Ross

Photo by Simon Hogeman

Aug 21, 2019

VM: Hey Simon, thanks for chatting to us. Please choose your object…

SH: There's a lot of things and objects that I use in my everyday life and that people who know me would instantly relate to me. But there's only one thing a few people have seen and know that I own, and right now it's by far the one object that I'm the most excited to pull out of the closet, and that's my Babolat Pure Aero tennis racket.

VM: Right on. Can you describe it, ‘objectify’ it and describe it in concrete terms.

SH: If I would describe it using only two words it'd probably be intensely ugly. But in the good 90's sporty way. Understated yet extremely overly designed. I'm definitely team Federer, growing up Stefan Edberg was my icon and Fed is without a doubt the Edberg of the 2000's, so if someone would profile me as a person and buy me a tennis racket it would probably be an all black Wilson Pro Staff or something. But I don't like it when people can profile me easily so wanted the opposite of sleek and stylish, which is exactly how you would describe my racket.

VM: Keep the people on their toes! They don’t know you! So where did you get it from? 

SH: Sadly there's no fun story around how I got it. I just bought it like a year ago. On sale. However I do have black and yellow and yang vibration dampener which enhances the ugliness by several percents :)

VM: Where does it sit in your house/person? Do you use it often?

SH: Since I use it 3-5 times a week it sits a lot in my right hand, and quite often I leave it in the tennis hall to get fresh strings. But when neither of the above it's just hanging in its case in the closet in my apartment next to the vacuum cleaner.

VM: How does tennis help you with your day to day life, running a global fashion company?

SH: In almost every way to be honest. I'm one of those who just need to move and work out to stay somewhat sane and my go-to thing has always been running since it's so easy to just tie your shoes and get out. I probably averaged 40-50k per week since I was 15, and the last few years it's just become something I've been dreading and really only managed to do when I really felt like doing it. So I picked up tennis maybe two years ago after roughly a 15 year break and it's been a game changer in many ways. 

VM: How is the game a source of inspiration to you?

SH: I guess in a way it's a source of inspiration since tennis has always been such a stylish sport (I am mainly talking about Federer, Serena or Ivan Lendl. Not so much about Andre Agassi early 90's). But to be honest I don't think I'm super inspired from it, it's mainly an outlet that really helps clear my mind and think about nothing else than hitting that perfect inside out forehand or perfect straight backhand. All though now that I think of it I actually named a pair of Sun Buddies, Serena for SS20 so maybe a little haha…

VM: Thanks Simon, lovely to chat to you. Enjoy the beautiful game!

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